Sunday, March 5, 2017

This Week's Writerly Tarot: The Star

I am sick. I didn't need a crystal ball to see it coming. My throat was scratchy, and my whole body hurt far worse than it should have after a simple bike ride in the park. Soon the fever and the headache and the stuffed-up head followed.

So, for the third week in a row, I asked someone else to pull the card for this week's reading. That's the part that requires clarity, after all, letting your fingers move lightly from possibility to possibility, waiting for the humming yes, like a chime from a distant room, that releases all the unresolved potentialities and brings forth the correct, singular reality.

Enter Destiny.

That's her name, after all, and she was sitting right there in the chair opposite me. What kind of diviner could I call myself if I failed to notice that obvious synchronicity? She's also a fine writer, currently co-authoring an online work (with my daughter Kaley) that contains chapter titles like "Half-Dragon Will Travel." But I digress (cold meds will do that). The point is, she was perfectly suited to be a channel for Universal wisdom this Sunday morning, so I handed her my daughter's deck and deputized her right up.

Destiny pulled The Star for you. You should thank her if you get the chance, for The Star is one of the finest cards in the major arcana, indeed, in the entire deck. It's a big card, as big as hope and hard work put together, because at its heart, it's a card of movement. But not celestial movement. Your movement. Which means it's a matter of perspective. For no matter how much the stars seem to move, it's really Earth that's moving.

This week, look around for whatever it is that is your creative North Star. It's usually a fixed point (relative to your own dynamic flux anyway) so not fame. Not riches. Think something more substantial and affirming and satisfying, something that connects you to your creative purpose regardless of your creative circumstances.

Remember, the Star usually shines brightest when things are darkest, so turn off the artificial lights, let your eyes adjust. You must know where to look as wellyou must seek your Star at its proper place on the horizon and keep your eye on it as you move forward. And you must movethis Star does not grant flimsy wishes with no effort behind them. This Star promises to guide you to your zenith. But you must follow it step by tangible step.

So what are you waiting for? Get to stepping. And trust that The Star will never steer you wrong.


Laura Valeri said...

Beautiful post, and love how destiny resonates with the destiny is in our stars kind of idea. I am curious about the fact that the card shows a bird on a tree, suggesting a daytime landscape. Also, giving water to the source and water to earth, another source, might perhaps suggest gifts or returning nurturing to that which nurtures us? Just some thoughts.

Tina said...

I love your thoughts. The Star opens itself to so much goodness, which is why it's one of my favorite cards. The bird and the water occur on almost every version of this card I've seen, so I know they're important too, as if the idea of flow and movement. Regardless, I am so happy when it shows it.