Monday, June 1, 2015

Writerly Tarot for the Week: Justice

Unlike her likeness portrayed in our court systems, Lady Justice of the tarot is not blindfolded. No, this lady sees very clearly, and her perceptions are objective and precise, equal parts severity and mercy applied through some cosmic algorithm only she is privy to.

So you may ask, dear creative soul, what does she have to tell you this week?

First of all, Justice is a major arcana, one of the so-called "big" cards of the tarot. I often refer to them as "postcards from the Universe" and they come right to your karmic mailbox, addressed to you personally with indelible ink. Which makes this card a double whammy, because Justice is the card of karma. The card of actions reaping consequences. The card of equations, as carefully calibrated as that scale she holds, as perfectly double-edged as the sword she wields.

In other words, you have only yourself to blame -- or thank -- for whatever is going on in your creative world right now, and the same will be true of tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. Now now, don't get touchy. Sometimes we may feel like a character in a Gothic novel, afflicted with travails and troubles and inconvenient conflicts through no fault of our own. We may want to rail like Job against . . . well, there's your Big Question. Ponder that one on your own time.

Justice is acquainted with all aspects of the current situation, however, both BIG and small. She's not requiring that kind of comprehension of you, of course. But it might help to listen when she clears her throat, look around to see what she's trying to bring to your attention, which is usually some pivot point upon which you can work some exponential results.

You already have the long-enough lever -- she's simply showing you where you might stand.


Cate Noble said...

Enjoying these tarot posts! My big insight from this: when did I begin to associate only negatives with the word "karma?" As in run/hide/ouch/payback? When did I forget that the good I do also circles back? Needed this thunk in the head. :)

lee woo said...
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Tina said...

Justice has been big this week, Cate, in all kinds of realms, so I wasn't surprised to see it show up here. But you are correct --karma has gotten a bad rap, as if it's the great enforcer of the cosmic world. It simply means consequences, for good or ill. Like the Steampunk Tarot says, "The cards you play are the cards you're dealt. But they are also the cards you've chosen."

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