Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Week's Writerly Tarot: The Six of Wands

What a bountiful way to begin the week! For here we have in our hands the Six of Wands, a card of hard-won recognition and well-deserved achievement. See the laurel crown? See the cheering crowds? There's a whole bunch of hip-hip-hurrah packed into that one scene.

Sixes represent midpoints in the journey, spaces where there is both much in the past and much in the future. They carry with them a sense of integration and balance, of the celestial spheres orbiting elegant and proper in their cycles.

As such, it is a very "in the moment" card. Your choices in the past have brought you here, and your choices now will carry you forward, but now -- in this singular unique now -- there is cause to celebrate. And because this is the suit of wands -- the suit of creativity and passion -- chances look good for the writers of the world to experience a tossing of confetti this week.

As a mystery writer, I am especially delighted to see this card pop up. I'm heading for Bouchercon, the largest mystery convention in the world, where many of my colleagues are up for prestigious awards. Such ceremonies are the Six of Wands energy in action, and I'm excited to know that some of my friends will soon be riding that high horse to victory.

I won't be one of them. I'm not up for an B-Con award this year. But -- and this is crucial -- I'm still celebrating.

Such is the nature of the Six of Wands. This week you're the rider on the beribboned and bedazzled horse. The next you're in the crowd, cheering as another receives the accolades. Whatever your role turns out to be this week, show up. Be wholehearted and open. Rejoice without envy or smugness; these are the grit in the gears of abundance. The Universe is a generous place. Be grateful for all its gifts, including that of supportive community.

And most of all, trust the horse. The horse is saying, here's looking at you, kid. And the horse is always right.

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