Monday, February 22, 2016

This Week's Writerly Tarot: The Ten of Pentacles

You want coins? This card's got coins.

Because as you might expect when the card of culmination (the 10) meets the suit of material resources (the Pentacles), this card represents abundance of the highest order. Comfort AND joy. Love AND riches. Peace AND prosperity, as my sistah Kate Stockman often reminds me. This, my friends, is the card of having it all. And it's yours this week.

I can feel your puzzlement, oh writerly ones. How many of us creative sorts are literally rolling in money, money that falls like rain from the blue sky? How many of us can attach "New York Times Best Seller" to our resume? Okay, some of us can, but certainly not all of us, and certainly not forever, not for anyone. Therefore, despite the ridiculous amounts of abundance in this card, I'm addressing this week's reading to the Not-Quite-Having-It-Alls among us.

Because and here's the secret this card's really for you.

See, the 10s are cards of culmination. They are the end, the result, the grand finito. They are the last page of the novel. They always point forward, to a new beginning. To the next phase. Because no matter how tightly we try to hold on to a space or a moment, the nature is life is dynamic.

So if you are not right now swimming in gold, if your mansion is still in the imaginary stage, if the dogs aren't sitting properly and are instead yakking up something under the kitchen's the promise. This too shall pass. All things shall pass. Even gold.

And if you are materially blessed right now, savor it. Enjoy it. Store the memory away for future leanness. And if you are not, know that your situation is not destined to remain that way forever. Take pleasure in what you do have, for another message of this card is that money is grand, but it ain't everything. The love of a good dog counts for something too.

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