Sunday, July 17, 2016

This Week's Writerly Tarot: The Five of Cups

Oh, but we have all been there. And here we are again.

The Five of Cups turned up earlier this yearyou can read about its previous incarnation hereand its energy has not changed. It is still the card of loss and grief, of missed opportunities, of the pain that comes when something that matters very much is gone. Gone is a natural and necessary part of the cycle, of course, but gone is also hard.

Very hard.

We are much more comfortable with the "building up" part of the cycle, construction and manifestation. Having our hopes and dreams become tangible (like last week's Three of Pentacles) appeals to our sense of reward. It gives our actions purpose. Word by word, day after day, and soon enough you've got a novel. Yay us! Accomplishment feels right and good and, darn it, we deserve a little rightness and goodness after we sweated through all that work.

And then there's this guy. AGAIN.

He's always there, of course. Even when we have pushed up our shirtsleeves and gotten to work. Even when the sun is shining with optimism and clarity upon our plans. Even when the Universe Herself is giving us a loving pat on the back.

This week, even if things are going swimmingly for you (and I sure hope they are), make some space for the Five of Cups. The building blocks of success didn't just materialize out of thin aireverything comes from source, and every source material was something else not that long ago. Something that crumbled and dissolved and changed and transmuted. Acknowledge that. Sit with it through whatever discomfort arises. Let it arise. It is actually your friend.

Be grateful for empty spaces. Despite what you have been told, Nature loves a vacuum. Nature rushes to a vacuum with everything she's got.


Anonymous said...

When I saw this card, the three spilled cups made me think of the three pentacles in last week's card. When all we've worked so hard for comes to naught, there are still options waiting in the wings, if only we have the heart to take them up.

Tina said...

What an amazing insight! Thank you for sharing it.