Sunday, April 2, 2017

This Week's Writerly Tarot: The Nine of Pentacles

It seems only fitting that following so many cards related to tribe and community and collaboration, we now have a card of sovereign success and powerThe Nine of Pentacles. We last had a visit from this lady and her falcon back in June of 2015 (you can read that here) and I am heartened to have her grace us with her presence again.

Pentacles are considered a feminine suit in that they are about gathering inwardthey ask us to be receptive. Pentacles are also one of the order-making suits. Like the Swords, their masculine counterpart, they are about transforming chaos into understandable patterns. But while the Swords can often be efficiently brutal in this processyes, those blades do cut both waysthe Pentacles are gentler and at the same time stronger. Pentacles are foundational cards: seeds into mighty oaks, bricks into cathedrals, a humble abode into a safe and nurturing home.

Our Lady of the Falcon is all of these things. She is successful, as those golden coins and sumptuous clothes attest. She has labored long and hard, as anyone who has ever tended a garden will tell you. And she has tamed her wilder impulses, as personified by the predator on her arm.

Ah, but we are creative folk, yes? We know that below the surface lies a much more interesting tale. And it has as much to do with the nature of storytellersand storymakersas it does with the nature of falcons.

Writers court wildness. We offer our arms as a perching spot. We train and hone our minds to call it to us. Because if you've come this far in your creative journey, you know that wildness does not respond to being chased. As I explained previously, "Wildness comes to stillness. We must learn to be composed and self-contained to develop a relationship with the part of us which flies clean and high. The part of us that swoops in ever-widening gyres, but which--with trust and proper care--will always return to our arm."

This week, become the Lady of the Nine of Pentacles, the tarot's example of the self-made woman. Trust, release, and know that your wild soul will never desert you as long as you partner with it instead of trying to control it. Pull off the feathered hood. Do not fear its big sharp talonsthe better to feed you with, my dear.



Annie said...

Oh, yeah. Chaos into order. I could use me some of that. Another great one. I'll start working on those gyres. :-)

Tina said...

Then the Pentacles are for you. May your falcon range wide and far!

Laura Valeri said...

And I finally thought we were finally busting out with serious money.

Tina said...

You know, that serious money always seems just over the horizon when this card shows up for me. I still get to be the boss lady, but the paycheck doesn't seem to increase. Alas.