Monday, April 12, 2010

FREE Intuitive Tarot Workshop

What: FREE Intuitive Tarot Workshop
When: Saturday, April 17 from 10-12
Where: Elementals (in Woodland Square next to Talbots)
Who: Anybody, but tarot beginners especially.

In preparation for my WomenSpirit debut, I'm offering a free workshop on intuitive tarot this Saturday, April 17, from 10-12 am at Elementals. Tea and snacks provided. And it's all free. You can bring a favorite deck or borrow one of mine (first come first served) plus we do have some nice ones for purchase (not required, by the way, I'm just saying).

Intuitive tarot is for people who've always been intrigued by tarot cards, but who don't have the time to spend learning how to read for themselves. This approach is much more about understanding your own personal symbology than memorizing a book of prescribed meanings.

Intuitive Tarot isn't fortune-telling -- it's learning how to use the cards as a channel for your own inner wisdom and insight, and anyone can learn how to do it in less than two hours, no previous experience required. In this workshop we'll be partnering hands-on with a tarot deck, learning both its traditional organizational structure and the techniques needed to apply your own personal symbols. We'll also learn how to ask useful questions and create spreads that explore the answers.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Need a Fresh Start?

For March I'm offering 25% off the Spring Equinox Reading -- a chance to explore what needs cleaning out of your life so that you can create space for whatever is blossoming and growing stronger. The equinox is about balance, and this reading helps you decide which energies to nurture and which to release. Like The Fool, it helps you get a fresh start, to make whatever leap of faith is calling you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celebrating Love

During the month of February, I'm offering Couple's Readings for 25% off (a couple's reading costs the same as a one-person reading -- no extra charge). It's an excellent way to explore who you are both as an individual and as a partner in a relationshop.

A two-person spread works in much the same way as a one-person -- you ask a question or bring forward a specific concern or you just open yourself to whatever the Universe would like to share (my favorite approach). It won't reveal the future gift-wrapped and ready to open, but it will give you a good idea of the energies that each person is bringing to the relationship, as well as show you how the relationship itself is combining them.

You'll learn a lot about yourself, and your partner. I guarantee. Call, come by the shop, or drop me and e-mail. And celebrate hearts in a real and lasting way this Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deck Recommendations

If you've signed up for one of my workshops, you'll need a tarot deck. Now some people say that you should never buy your first deck, but that it should be given to you as a gift. I think this is a great idea in theory -- and I have used it as an excuse to buy many friends their first decks -- but I'd still be tarot-less were I relying on my friends and family, who don't know an Aquarian from a Zoroastrian deck. Plus, buying your own deck enables you to choose one with images and symbols that appeal to you. I mean, some people like cats in Baroque costumes; other likes Gummi bears. One woman's trash is another woman's tarot.

But if you're just starting out, the blizzard of options can be blinding. So here's my choices of good basic decks that won't let you down or weird you out. Some might even become your favorite (because truthfully, I have purchased many decks since that first, but the Morgan-Greer remains one of my favorite working decks). All are pictoral decks, meaning that each cards has images to help you remember the card's meaning, not just four wands sitting there for you to puzzle out.

The Classics:
The Rider-Waite-Smith (the King James of tarot decks)
The Morgan Greer deck (Portrait-style, with no borders, and vibrant colors)
The Connolly deck (with images like stained glass)
The Aquarian deck (Art Deco and eclectic)
The Golden Tarot (Medieval and glorious, like an afternoon in the Lourve)

Other Interesting Decks

The World Spirit Tarot (woodcuts with imagery and characters from around the world)
The Llewellyn Tarot (watercolors with major arcana based on the Welsh Mabinogion)
The New Palladini deck (like the Aquarian, only more Art, less Deco)