Monday, March 28, 2016

This Week's Writerly Tarot: The Two of Pentacles

Ah, Pentacles. The suit of foundation and security, finances and resources. As such, it's often the suit that shows up when we're dealing with career issues. Like I am right now.

See, I got into this writer gig because I like working at home, by myself, in my pajamas, as my imagination spins scenes of clever sleuthing and derring-do. Yet my to-do list this week includes writing up a sales report, organizing my inventory, and collating my receipts for delivery to my accountant.

Not a shred of derring-do.

And so here comes another Pentacle, reminding me to get back to work. Except that this Pentacle has a slightly different take on work. This Pentacle suggests that the best way to deal with an overload of work is to have a little fun.

The secret is balance, of course. Look at our gentleman in the red hat. He's light on his feet, easily and expertly juggling the two golden discs in an infinity pattern. It's his job, sure, but he's doing it with an ease and enjoyment that no doubt contributes to his success. Not that this is an easy task. Just ask the ships tossing on the wild sea behind him. There are waves. There always will be.

The Two of Pentacles reminds us that the dancer is the dance. You are your work, and your work is you, even the parts that involve spread sheets and data analysis. Find some fancy footwork in it, if you can. Take a deep breath. Keep those balls in the air.

As for me, I still have a pile of paperwork. But I'll be doing it while watching my favorite fun-trash television show.


Monday, March 21, 2016

This Week's Writerly Tarot: The Ace of Cups

So it's Monday afternoon, and I am just now remembering that I haven't written up this week's tarot post. It's been crazy around here First, my latest release came out a month early (!!!). Then the usual spring break jumble of getaways and family visits and road trips happened. Throw in some flu and allergies and foot surgery...

It's enough to make any girl wanna retreat, possibly into a spa, definitely for a good long while.

But then we have the Ace of Cups to remind us go with the flow, it says. Because life is always flowing.

And flow can feel very much like chaos. Which it is and isn't. Fluid dynamics provides equations that can predict the overall patterns of liquids in a state of flow, but at best it's describing how things will happen, not what will happen. Stirring a spoonful of cream into your coffee will have a predictable outcome, but trying to foresee the exact bouncing and swirling of molecules is a doomed endeavor.

So don't try. Don't even.

This week, hold high the Ace of Cups. It is reminiscent of last week's Three of Cups in that it encourages you to partake joyously.  And to remember that when life is in full flow, don't get out the anchor. Get out your surfboard.

Monday, March 14, 2016

This Week's Writerly Tarot: The Three of Cups

I'd been trying to have coffee with a writer friend for a few months, but our schedules never cooperated. Sickness and work also complicated things until last week, when a slice of free time opened up and we shared a few hours of writerly commiseration and camaraderie over a nice Ecuadorian blend. As I laughed and talked, I was reminded yet again of why the Three of Cups is such an important card for us writers.

It signifies community, specifically the close-knit circle of like-minded friends. People you are comfortable laughing with. Of course, these are the same friends who will be there during tears, but the Three of Cups symbolizes the happy times, the shared joy, a time of, as described by tarot creator Arthur Waite, "plenty, perfection and merriment."

But there's a deeper octave to this card. Sure, it's good to take a break and celebrate life with your friends. It's hard to consider this a necessity. We writers are a solitary lot because there is so much work to be done — the inbox! the deadlines! the blogs that need writing! And since we're upper management in this endeavor, allocating time to enjoyment seems frivolous. But it is vital to our work, and even more vital to our hearts (which, of course, are necessary for our work).

There is a sense of promise to this card as well. We humans raise our glasses for lots of reasons: to toast, to honor, but also to pledge. That's what our women are doing in this card — pledging and promising to be there for each other, and to hold each other to that pact. To help each other remember. And re-member.

So this week, call up a friend for a shared hour of conversation. Start a new collaborative project with a fellow creative. Celebrate your people, your community, your tribe. Celebrate connection.