Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Writerly Tarot: The Three of Pentacles

This week, I decided to make our tarot reading a team effort. So I asked the other tarot reader in the house—my daughter Kaley— to choose a card for us this week.

I had a good reason. Creative endeavors, especially writerly ones, are often solitary pursuits. Seeking the lighthouse of one's art, following that clear beam in the night to your destination, is often singular in nature. Oars in hand, we beat through the waves for the safe shore.

That's the metaphor, of course—the day to day mundane reality is less poetic. Sitting down to the page requires determination and self-mastery. It requires putting aside the indulgences of a lazy afternoon, giving up an afternoon movie, forgoing the nap. One must learn to love the company of oneself. In fact, many of us chose the writing life because we are by nature introverted and solitary. The thought of teamwork is a little uncomfortable.

So I decided to ask for some help. And—the tarot being oracular and my daughter being a brilliant channel for it—she promptly drew the Three of Pentacles. The card of working as a team.

We've covered this card before (you can read about it here). I wrote then about the concept of the Great Work, the idea that even the most mundane task is laying the foundation for a larger success, a meaningful and significant work. That your part in that work is to show up as honestly and sincerely and openly as you can.

In a comment last time the Three of Pentacles appeared, my brilliant friend Laura is reminded me "of this card's collaborative aspects: not just with other writers, but with all the people that make writing happen: readers, agents, editors, research buddies." This week, appreciate your creative team. Give them some kudos. Remind yourself of the marvelous web of connection all around you.


Laura Valeri said...

Awww. Thanks for mentioning me in the post. I am always on your team. :-)

Diane DiBiase said...

So proud to be your publisher, Tina. You are one of the finest artisans of prose I've had the pleasure to read.

Tina said...

Thank you both! For being on my team and for inspiring me in so many ways. And thank you especially for showing up here for the tarot readings.