Sunday, February 26, 2017

This week's Writerly Tarot: The Ten of Pentacles

Last week, I asked my daughter Kaley to help pull cards for the weekly reading. She graciously agreed, and being quite the talented channel for divination, pulled the Three of Pentacles, the card of good work and collaboration (you can read about it here).

She wasn't the only one to pull a card, however—our little Maltese dog Cloud decided that he wanted in on the action and literally leaped into the pile of cards I had spread out on the ottoman. One card went flying into my lap, and when I looked at it, I saw the Ten of Pentacles. In the classic Rider-Waite-Smith, this card represents material success and achievement, featuring that worldwide symbol of life well lived, a happy loyal dog at one's feet (two, actually, one for each foot as it were).
This card perfectly represents Cloud's point of view. He believes in material comforts (treats and comfy places for naps being at the top of his list). But he appreciates this card on a deeper level, for nothing satisfies his canine soul like being with his people. We are even more exciting than food, and that's saying something. When we come home-whether it's from a long trip overseas or a quick run to the mailbox-— he is overjoyed to see us. Pure ecstasy overflowing his doggie heart. And if he feels we are threatened, he will put his tiny furry self into the fray. The mail carrier will feel his wrath. The guy who checks the water line had best keep on moving. Even the most intangible of foes, say a bad fever or a broken toe, will merit his full undivided protection (this usually means he lies on top of you with his nose pressed right into your face, but such is duty).

This week, let Cloud and the Ten of Pentacles inspire you to appreciate and protect that which matters to you. You can interpret this advice for your creative project, making sure that you are working to, as they say, find a good home for it. You can lay down some boundaries against those who would infiltrate and decimate. Or you could appreciate the comforts that nurture your creative soul, like hot chocolate or your favorite perfume.

However you choose to open the door to the Ten of Pentacles, do it with gratitude. And maybe with an extra treat. Or two. Cloud says that would be just fine.

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