Monday, September 28, 2015

This Week's Writerly Tarot -- The High Priestess

Yet another week in the heart of Mercury Retrograde (for more on that, read last week's post), so there's probably still a goodly amount of chaos and confusion going on. Here at Whittle Central, we've seen inexplicable oven malfunctions, computer weirdnesses, and miscommunications galore.

So what's a writerly type to do during such a time? The High Priestess has a suggestion.

She's not a woman of words, after all. The knowledge she possesses can't be transmitted that way. There is no search engine that can get to it, no library that can shelve it. You can't even ask for it. It simply happens, deep inside.

This card is rich in symbol -- the pomegranates, the twin pillars of Mercy and Severity, the full moon on her brow, the crescent moon at her feet, the Torah open in her lap, the equal-armed cross on her chest, the blue robes lapping like the edge of deep water. Deeply textured symbols all.

As a writer, you understand the power of layered meaning, how similes and metaphors are fluent in languages of both surface and depth. This week, let your life be a unwritten book. Let the symbols you find speak to you, creating a pathway of stepping stones into a brand new understanding.  How do you know a symbol when you see one? Chances are good that if you notice it, if it grabs your attention in some way, it's a symbol. If you see repeated symbols, then pay VERY close attention. Take notes if that helps, but don't expect them to make a road map for you. The realm of the High Priestess is terra incognita, best explored through faith and intuition.

You may receive a revelation about your creative purpose. You may glimpse a road not yet taken. Your current work may open itself in a surprising and exciting way. You may get the clues to a Mystery.

However you approach the process, remember -- this is not a left brain activity. This is right brain creative work. It can be messy. It can be frustrating. But it is always a felt experience.

Feel it, people.


Annie said...

These are the best! And I am not a robot. Woohoo!

Tina said...

Blogger makes me test your robot or non-robotness. But I made the test as simple as possible. No Turing Test here. :)